Malta’s Grape Harvest Season Is Now Open

Season Open

It's time to bear the fruit of ones labour. The grape harvest in Malta is now open.

The grape harvest season in Malta is now officially open through official ceremony in Imtarfa by Anton Refalo, Minister for Agriculter, Fisheries, and Animal Welfare.

The minister praised the hard work of the Maltese farmers who keep Malta’s vines alive. It is a sector which has been strengthening over the years but as always challenges will continue to persist. In Malta and Gozo there are 460 hectares of vineyards that are mainly for wine production.

The minister emphasised the importance of appreciating and supporting local products. A lot of work is put into the cultivation of wines and eventually the production of local wine. This leads to a local product of high quality.

The Agriculture directorate is responsible for overseeing and certifying the harvest and wine production. In Malta one can find 19 licensed wine makers where 11 of them produce wines which are certified as DOK (Denominazzjoni Origini Kontrollata) and IGT (Indigini Geografika Tipika).

There are around 800 registered farmers on full- and part-time basis who take care of their personal vineyards. It is thanks to these farmers through their patience and perseverance that the Maltese wine making industry is sustained.

Let’s raise a glass and celebrate the beauty of Malta’s 2020 grape harvest.

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