Banqueting in Gozo

Visit Gozo

'Taste History' have made available a third feature promoting the gastronomic heritage of the Maltese islands. This time they visit the sister island of Gozo and explore the banqueting pleasures of Agius De Soldanis.

‘Taste History’ visit the fortified Citadel overlooking the city of Victoria. The Citadel was the centre-point of the administration of Gozo.

In this episode, the producers explore the pleasures and indulgences of Agius De Soldanis. He loved to banquet as he loved to host important guests who visited Gozo. Thanks to his writings we get a little insights on the food and drink enjoyed on the island of Gozo at the time.

Interesting that at the time on Gozo, champagne was already available. There seem to have been good connections with Versailles in France. Probably because of the trade of Maltese oranges.

We hope you enjoy the latest episode. Join the host and stroll through the old streets of Gozo’s majestic Citadel. Dive in and imagine as if you were a guest to one of Agius De Soldanis’ dinner parties.

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