The ‘Taste History’ Project

Great Initiative

Heritage Malta are doing their part to promote Malta's gastronomic heritage with 'Taste History' and an upcoming video documentary series.

The ‘Taste History’ project is a great initiative by Heritage Malta, Malta’s national agency responsible for the management and promotion of Malta’s cultural sites. The initiative aims to offer guests an overview of Maltese and Mediterranean history through gastronomy. The project will bring together a team of curators and chefs to recreate the indulgences and frugal pleasures of the past.

A strawberry jam recipe found at Malta’s National Archives

An interesting and upcoming development is a series of short videos produced by the Taste History team. The features are filmed in landmark locations, and Liam Gauci, the man behind the ‘Taste History’ project, narrates enticing stories uncovered in Malta’s national archives. The visual stories will include gastronomical references which are reproduced for the audience to try at home and savour the history of a country to discover.

The first season will comprise of 4 episodes. They will be made available through the Taste History facebook page every Friday, as from 26th June 2020. Following is the promotional trailer. We hope you like it and look forward as we will to enjoy the series.

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